Managing Your Prospects: Funnel Management as a Critical Component to Your Success

Bob Fitzpatrick was one of those most intense managers I’ve ever met. After he’d hired me in Lanier, he kissed me by 7:30 a.m. till 5:30 p.m.. After the meeting I went home and dropped from bed. Three months after Bob hired me I was the top man in his south east location.

One afternoon he flew into Panama City, Florida from Atlanta to trip from the discipline with me. His trip had been unannounced so that I simply followed my routine schedule for that day. This had been a Tuesday and also our first halt was one of my prospects which had a lien on trial. The potential has been that the head Port Condominiums twenty-five kilometers from our office. After we walked in the door I was greeted by the secretary and told to return again. I introduced Bob to this boss and also the very first words from the mouth were,”I visit much more of Marvin than a lot of my staff members .” After we left Pinnacle Port we moved into the Panama City Beach Police Station. When we walked , the officer on duty told us to return again. Then I introduced Bob into the Police Chief,” Lee Sullivan. His first comment to Bob was,”I visit more of Marvin than many of my officers”

On that one afternoon inside the field, we visited five organizations and now, completely unsolicited by mepersonally, they all said basically the identical task: I was there a lot more than most of the workers. Once I was driving Bob into the airport terminal at the end of the day, he looked at me and jokingly said,”Marvin, individuals do not buy from you since they enjoy you personally. They purchase by you to get rid of you personally ”

In every situation I’d continued to include value by having a face-to-face interview with every single prospect atleast once a week. At every meeting I decided I had a legitimate purpose to be there. I shut every one of the sales people seen daily one funnel away challenge pdf.

Where by prospecting ends, land administration commences. The best way to deal with your own territory, or your own base of prospects, will decide how powerful you are.

One of the best problems many salespeople have is losing an eye on prospective customers. This is especially valid whenever the potential customers are not going to purchase from the near foreseeable future. This is why sales people possess a tendency to see peaks and slopes when it has to do with earnings performance. Sales people function hard to shut their sexy prospects and must then turn about and learn much more.


The only effective method to supervise your relationships with your prospects would be face-to-face. I know this can be challenging for salespeople using large geographic territories. A amazing guideline is it to keep up a higher than one-hundred percent final ratio, so you want to keep face-to-face contact with your prospective customers. In the event that you can’t sustain a face to face experience of your prospects, then your closing ratio will probably fall to less than half per cent.


Every single time you meet with a prospect that you should bring worth. Make sure you never find yourself prepared of calling on a potential just to observe in which they have within their decision making procedure. A few examples of incorporating value are:

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