Poker Tournament Strategies – How To Play An Over Pair

Do you get frustrated when you don’t quite know how to play a hand? These poker tournament strategies secrets will help you.

It only happens to the best of us. You get dealt some killer pockets, go in strong, and then the flop comes 9-7-2. You’ve got a pocket pair and it’s better than the board so you keep going. Before you know it you’re all in and the other guy shows pockets 7’s slot game malaysia.

You are drawing on 2 outs and things aren’t looking good.

If you run into this situation quite often, or you can imagine how bad this would feel, I’m sure you’ll agree this is a terrible place to end up. You want to avoid this at all costs. So how can you avoid this?

There are a few poker tournament strategies you can use to protect yourself from this every happening. There are also some that will help you become that other guy, the guy with the set of 7’s.

Whenever you get dealt a high pair and it ends up as an over pair you have to be careful if your opponent continues to bet. Why would he be betting? Think about it for a second. If you are in this situation, why would you opponent be betting? A bluff maybe? A two pair because he had connectors or gappers? A set?

More often than not, well with most peoples poker tournament strategies, they will check raise in this situation if they do flop the set. Whenever you have an over pair and you get check raised you have to be extremely careful.

With these kinds of odds, when you have an overpair and are drawing against a set, you have less than 10% chance winning on the flop. And less that 5% after the turn. These are definitely not good odds.

When you get dealt a great hand and the end up with an overpair on the flop you need to play very slowly and carefully. Try to keep the pot small. You never want to go all in with just a pair and definitely not in this situation.

You are probably realizing how cards that are good can suddenly turn bad, or cards that are bad can suddenly turn good, and it really depends on how you play them. I am sure you are aware of how important it is to know how to play certain cards correctly so you can maximize you wins, or in this case, minimize your losses.

That’s why it is critical you continue to branch out and research more poker tournament strategies and Texas Hold Em Poker tips. When you learn more about poker you instantly become better. And the next time you get into a sticky situation your knowledge will come to the forefront of your mind and help you.

But you will never be helped if you don’t learn it to begin with. So please, continue to harness and experience a feeling of curiosity for poker. And get your hands on anything that will teach you how to play poker no matter what the cost, and especially if it is free.

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